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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 13, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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the 64-year-old is in critical condition. at this time, our preliminary investigation revealed that the two victims were walking northbound on 79th street --th . two victims walked northbound and approached from behind by what witnesses and video evidence show a male with a medium complexion and dark colored polo style shirts. immediately after, the same fleeing from the scene southbound on 79th street. and the witnesses observed this male with a gun in his hands. at this time, a motive has not been yet determined.
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we're currently conducting extensive canvasses in the area and additional witnesses. the investigation is ongoing and no arrests. >> we'll take a few of your questions. it's all preliminary. >> i want to update you. since that news briefing took place, police have confirmed that the second victim, the associate of the imam walking out of the mosque has also passed away. if i can set the scene for you, it appeared according to police that witnesses saw the gunman follow the imam up to the area right there where you see those evidence markers. that's where both the imam and the associate were shot in the head. i should also point out this is a heavily muslim neighborhood in queens and we talked to many who are hoping that the nypd are hoping what the motivation of the shooting was. many are concerned about the political rhetoric may have in
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some way instigated some sort of violence in their community. at the same time, police say they're looking at the possibility this could have been a robbery gone wrong. police are looking at all potentialties here but one thing is clear. one person out there ran away from the scene and still very much dangerous and possibly desperate. reporting live at ozone park in new york. >> wnbc. thank you for that update. meanwhile, in florida. health officials confirmed three new non-travel cases in florida, total of 28 in south florida. during a zika round table with community leaders, rick scott said the state department said they believe transmissions are taking place in a place thought to be less than one square mile. a federal judge overturned the conviction of a man found guilty of a man killed a woman
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in the netflix "making a murderer." should be freed within 90 days until the state appeals the decision or decides to retry the case. he was 16 years old when he confessed to helping his uncle rape teresa in 2005. investigators made repeated false promises and the confession not made voluntarily. next, live to rio. he already has 22 gold medals and now michael phelps is getting ready for the final olympic race. one day, history was made.
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a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. day eight of the summer olympics in rio and more medals for team usa. took home the bronze for team usa in women's fencing become the first american medallist to compete while wearing a hijab. leads the medal count with 54 medals ahead of china, japan, and great britain.
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chris jansing with some of the headlines and joins us now. chris? >> reporter: the most famous fencer. she got so much publicity. a lot of people thought this wouldn't happen and the entire u.s. sabers team will take home the bronze. i'm going to be talking to her and the team a little later on tonight. she is indeed the first american medallist to compete wearing a hijab and very outspoken about politics and other things. a changing if you will while king of the pool is winding down, the king of the track taking over the spotlight. i'm talking about usain bolt who has not lost an olympic race since 2008. he hasn't been beaten in a world championship since then. today, bolt won his opening round 100 meter heat attempting to become the first man to win three consecutive golds in the 100th. now at the beach, usa women's beach volleyball made it to the
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round of 16 taking out italy 2-0 and women's crew won gold. their 11th straight world title called the 8s. and more women racking up gold. katie ledecky's insane and nearest competitor. and that's mind boggling. so she ends rio with four golds in a silver and i asked her, how do you celebrate? >> i was talking to your roommate, simone, who said we're going to have a dance party. and then really party when we're at stanford. because she's going to be at stanford with you. what's really partying look like for you guys? >> i don't know. probably swimming a few thousand yards, but no. i know i'll have a lot of fun at stanford with my teammates. >> her version of partying may be different but great girl though and her teammate, pulling off a huge upset in the 200 meter backstroke. not a bad way to back up what
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will be her last olympics. >> when you hear that star spangled banner and you're alone atop that podium, what goes through your mind? >> i was just trying to not embarrass myself in front of millions of people. there were so many emotions. i had tears streaming down my face but it was just so much joy and happiness in that moment. >> she's going to take a little vacation. go to europe and then go to work. team usa won the first track and field gold, first ever in women's shot put. michelle krarter upset the two time gold medallist from new zealand. her twitter handle, got to love it, shot diva. and one final noting. a guy named edimone was the flag bearer of the tiny nation of tubalu and the only olympian there and ran 100 meters the same as usain bolt but he came
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in last and he said, i did my best. so we tip our hats, ayman, to an olympic team of one. >> something tells me the way katie ledecky celebrates is different from the way. >> she is is most, i mean, chances are you're incredibly discipline. what are you dying to eat? she said, i like to eat healthy even when i'm not training. you're a better woman than i but she's fantastic. she's going to go home and go shopping. she's going to stanford in a couple of weeks. >> chris jansing, thank you for that. later on in the hour, chris, we'll check. >> thanks. >> next, returning to politics in the new state with donald trump with a tough road ahead if he's to win the presidential election. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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welcome back, everyone. i want to bring you some breaking political news right now. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence indicates he'll release his tax returns in an interview on wabc radio. he was asked about the issue of tax returns and said, quote, when my tax returns are released, it's going to be a quick read. and also indicated that donald trump will also release his returns at some point. although, trump himself said his ru returns are being audited and wouldn't release them until the audit is complete. you're looking at live pictures at a donald trump rally where the candidate is set to take the stage any minute now. the last republican to win connecticut was george h.w. bush and so for trump, it's a curious choice as he trails by significant margins in a number of critical swing states. trump told supporters in pennsylvania he believes they're going to do well on election day and the current numbers don't reflect the reality on the ground. take a listen.
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>> with people coming in that we don't know about them, we don't know who they are, where they come from, especially when you have a track record of violence all over the world. what the hell do we need it for? y i don't think they're giving us the credit. still pretty close. >> at that rally said we're going to do things that are amazing. i believe on november 8th, doing well in florida and ohio. i think we're going to do well in virginia. not doing as well there now but i think we're doing well now. i don't think they're giving us the credit. we're still pretty close. that's the sound bite i wanted to play for you but katherine, chief of reason magazine and richard, and ozzy. good to have you with us. i want to put these back up and get reaction to the mike pence saying he'll release his tax
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returns. does this make it difficult now for trump to refuse to release his rurpeturns? >> everything already has made it difficult and he keeps doing it anyway. i think pence is in some ways trying to behave like a normal politician in a bizarre-o campaign. i think this is the best case scenario for him. >> reaction to this news as well. a, the fact he's intending to release his tax returns. what does that tell you about the actual ticket itself that there could be some divisions about this particular issue and other issues? differences in personalities between the kind of campaigns these candidates want to run. >> well, it's bizarre-o world. that may be the phrase of the interview. donald trump isn't stupid. if he isn't releasing it, the heat he's going to take is easier to absorb than the heat he'd take from releasing them
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and showing he's paying 0% effective tax rate. it's a rational calculation. just doesn't seem that way in conventional terms. >> a slightly different view. i don't believe that there's going to be in there that surprises many people other than the fact he may not be worth what he thinks and i think that would be more damaging to his brand, to his identity. it's not how much he pays but how much he has. how much is donald trump worth? i think that's a question people have been wondering about for a long time. >> you may not get that from his tax returns. we'll find out hopefully sooner or later but if the american people find out this billionaire is paying 4% of his income tax, his income in income tax, it's horrendous. better to absorb the heat of not disclosing. >> and from the spokesperson saying he intends to release the tax returns when the audit is over and saying there's a routine audit taking place but this is donald trump's plan to release those tax returns when
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the audit is complete. if that happens before november, obviously, we'll get those tax returns before then. obviously, if the audit doesn't happen, i assume by the logic of this statement, we would not get it before then but i want to go back to the issue about the pence announcing he's going to release his statements or implying he's going to release it. do you think he could have made that announcement or declaration without going through donald trump himself and saying, hey, i'm going to say this, this is my position, what do you think? >> he's -- they've had a number of instances where they differ and i think pence is looking at his own career, his own standing and nobody can really link their fortunes so closely to donald trump. he's erratic. nobody knows what he's going to say or comes out of his mouth. >> in these campaigns, pence didn't do this without running it through the staff of the trump people and the trump managers' statement, i think, confirms nah. >> it's unlikely this is pence's
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version of going rogue. it's a weird place to throw down the gauntlet. i think it's almost certainly coordinated and again, you know, i think it's an unusual campaign that we could easily make it through the entire cycle with trump just saying, no, i'm not going to release the returns and pence is just trying to, you know, color inside the lines as much as he can. >> because we're out of time, i want to put up the new poll numbers. the new nbc news wall street marist poll. clinton leads by 11 points. colorado, 14 points in florida. up by 5 in north carolina. she's up by 9 points and in virginia, up by 13 points. why is donald trump in connecticut tonight? >> everybody's got to be some place. what's damning about the numbers isn't the gap but trump is stuck in the low to mid 30s and how
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you get 15 points better than where you are today in 80 days is almost impossible. this race is effectively over. and it's over because donald trump can't stop sticking his foot in his mouth. >> isn't there a danger in assuming this election is over? a lot of people have been warning if you assume this is over, and he seems to think he's doing well. the numbers don't reflect that reality though. >> he's a person who thinks entertaining a crowd is the same as campaigning. he thinks that crowd management is voter contact and i don't think he fully appreciates how badly he's doing right now. >> here's a republican message that he could have crafted. keep medicaid, medicare. do something about immigration. he doesn't do that. as long as this pattern continues, the race is over. >> i'll give you the last word. >> if you look at those numbers, you add in the third parties, you'll also see that gary johnson and the green party candidate are pulling from both candidates equally and i think
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that's worth noting here as much as we're talking about trump and how unpopular he is, you know, the third party candidates are pulling record numbers because both of the candidates are actually pretty unpopular. and i think that's worth keeping an eye on. at least later when trump is claiming not only was the election rigged but perhaps the libertarian party was a spoiler. >> thank you very much for joining us this evening. next, we're going to return live to rio for the latest on what's ahead for team usa and the summer olympics. stay with us. ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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back to the 2016 olympics. michael phelps will race and then the final in a facebook live session earlier today. phelps reiterated it will be in the 2020 olympics, he will not to the disappointment of fans and overtaken the diving and water polo pools.
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something that has drawn a lot of attention throughout these olympics. nbc's chris jansing is back with us. chris, as we were mentioning, this has even reached to some of the political levels of the ioc addressing the issues of the murky water. what's the latest on that? >> the problem is even though olympic officials say they're treating this water for days and promised it would get better, frankly, it hasn't. water polo are complaining of eyes burning and some treated by doctors. nbc news has now learned that pool will be drained before the start of synchronized swimming. they used the same pool and get rid of that water, put clean water in. i was at the venue yesterday and took these photos, this is the diving pool next to the polo pool but both are the murky opaque green and if that's not enough, the beach, the starting platform was washed away, just 48 hours before the competition is scheduled to start, those strong currents off copacabana beach are to blame but they do
3:56 pm
expect to get up and running in time for competition on monday. swimming tonight, the hottest ticket in town, michael phelps. owner of 27 olympic medals aims to add one final piece of hardware to his election in the relay, a race he said positively will be his last in olympic competition. >> i'm not going four more years. and that is. i'm standing by that. you know, guys. i've been able to do everything i've ever put my mind to in this sport and, you know, 24 years in the sport. i'm happy with how things finished. i'm ready to retire. and i'm happy about it. i'm in a better state of mind this time than i was four years ago. and yeah, i'm just ready to
3:57 pm
spend time with boomer and nicole and watch the little dude grow. >> also tonight, simonem who became the first to win gold with the upset win in 100 tonight swims in the 50 meters. that will be her final event of these games. ayman? >> any chance to add to her already gold medal. chris jansing, i'm sure you'll watch that tonight and check back with you tomorrow morning to find out those results and we invite you to watch coverage on all nbc networks over the last week. that's all for this hour of msnbc live. i'm ayman mohyeldin. see you tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. live. we'll have updates throughout the line. "dateline extra" is next. have a great saturday, everyone. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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it's never good news when the phone rings at 5:00 in the morning. i knew something wasn't right. he just began sobbing and saying no, no, something horrible must have happened. >> it was just before midnight when the shooting started. >> shot multiple times. he was on the ground face down. >> a man was dead, but not just any man. >> how do you kill superman? how is superman dead? >> he was an olympian, and a


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